Lil WayneGrammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has revealed his after multiple hacker attacks on his Twitter account, he is fed up and is going on a Twitter vacation for a bit.

In a recent interview with Paris Hilton, for Interview magazine, the rapper revealed that he’s on a Twitter strike … for now.

“I just shut my Twitter account down because it got hacked,” Wayne revealed in the interview. “Once it got hacked, I had Twitter fix it. They changed it. And then it got hacked again, so I just shut it down. As of right now, I’m on Twitter strike.”

Wayne’s Twitter account (@LilTuneChi) was hacked into back in January, when rouge updates started flooding people’s timelines that looked to come from from the rapper, except it wasn’t him.

When the hacker gained access to Wayne’s account, they changed the name from “@liltunechi” to “@LilChinetu”, and started by hurling insults to Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy, and then poking fun at his prison stint last year.

“I sent a donations to your paypal, check it, I heard you got 13,000 sales lil homie, i feel bad for you! #D*mnSoulja,” the hacker wrote, followed by: “The real reason I made 6’7 is cuz that’s how tall the n****in rikers was that raped me.

Then later even tweeted: “I went an entire year with kissing baby #withdrawls.”

For now, it looks like no more of Weezy’s thoughts will not make it to Twitter for the time being. We’ll see how long it lasts.

At press time, Wayne’s @LilTuneChi account was still operational. However, he had not updated his timeline since Saturday (March 26).