Ice CubeDiddy is tied in with Ciroc, Snoop Dogg recently began endorsing Blast By Colt 45, Pitbull has become owner of Voli vodka, and now, Ice Cube is joining the party.

The west coast rap legend has reportedly signed on to endorse Coors Light beer. He will appear in ads put together by Commonground, a Chicago-based multi-cultural agency, where he will battle Coors Light bottles in a stare down to see who is colder.

According to Advertising Age, the ads hope to successfully increase crossover appeal of the brand, which may not be so far-fetched judging by the “spirited reaction” it received when presented to a test audience of distributors.

Their main goal is to dethrone Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser this year as the nation’s best-selling beer, and it’s already close, according to the report.

“Budweiser is going down, baby,” MillerCoors Chief Marketing Officer Andy England told

“Coors Light once again is the shining knight in silver armor so far in 2011,” added Harry Schumacher, editor of Beer Business Daily. “If Coors Light continues this trajectory, expect it to surpass Budweiser this year as the No. 2 beer brand.”

Cube previously endorsed St. Ides malt liquor in the late ’80s in a large poster campaign, paving the way for the likes of hip-hop endorsers Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur, who both appeared in advertisements for the drink.

At press time, it was unclear when the Ice Cube Coors Light ad campaigns would begin running.