Brotha Lynch HungSacramento rapper Brotha Lynch Hung, hailed as an indisputable pioneer of horrorcore hip-hop, is set to return with a new album next month, following the release of his 2010 Strange Music debut, Dinner and a Movie.

The rapper is prepping CoatHanga Strangla, which a rep calls his “most hair-raising album to date.”

On CoatHanga Strangla, Lynch will re-introduce listeners to the not-so-nice, but strangely sympathetic (and some might even say humorous) alter ego from Dinner and a Movie, the Mannibalector.

The project is the second in a conceptual series trilogy that began with last year’s release, and is slated to conclude with 2012’s Mannibalector. Each of the three albums has spawned three videos, which together will comprise the visual document of the terrifying times of Mannibalector.

With the new Brotha Lynch Hung video, “Spit It Out”, in rotation on MTVu, anticipation continues to build as the story continues. The video is the #1 highest rated, the #2 most shared, and the #1 most commented video on with 20,000 views in the week of it’s premiere, according to Lynch’s camp.

“The three albums and nine videos are about a rapper who’s having a bad life and is about to give up on the world,” explains Brotha Lynch Hung. “You can hear he’s about to walk the thin line, past the thin line, and then go way over it.”

CoatHanga Strangla drops April 5th.