Amber RoseAmber Rose has been quiet during her brief stint as a celebrity, not doing too many interviews or even addressing rumors. But since breaking up with Kanye West last summer, the socialite/model has been expressing her feelings on things on occasion.

On Twitter, she’s been open about her love for Wiz Khalifa, although both haven’t publicly given any real details about their relationship. Then, Rose  went on Jamie Foxx’s Sirius/XM satellite radio show, The Foxxhole, earlier this month, and explained how she’s trying to distance herself as far away from her stripper past as possible.

But despite Amber’s attempts at trying to rise above her “Philly hood rat” past (her words, not ours), she still gets ridiculed … and it’s starting to get to her.

In a Twitter exchange with comedian Lil Duval this week, Rose explained that not everything you read is true, especially when it comes to her being promiscuous in the entertainment industry.

“[I] didn’t really wake up in a good mood today. I’m just so sick of being ridiculed. [People] assuming things without knowing,” Rose wrote (@DaRealAmberRose). “I’m super nice to everyone I meet. I’m a very caring compassionate person. I don’t deserve to be talked about so negatively.

“I really hate explaining myself that’s why I stay so quiet, but I will say this… I was with my ex for 2 years and now I have a new Love. [Two People] that’s it. If that makes me a whore, then so be it. I have NEVER slept with Fabolous, Drake, Chris Brown, Amare, Lebron, Cassidy etc nor have I ever been a Prostitute,” she continued.

In response, Duval explained that he’s only offering the perception of what the public sees — tf you’re seen with many different men all the time, it looks bad.

Since breaking up with Kanye, Amber has been photographed partying or hanging out with the likes of Reggie Bush, Fabolous, New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire, and of course, Wiz Khalifa, who she’s currently dating. The public does make assumptions, so maybe Duval is right?

“No disrespect, but that’s what comes [with] being around so many different men. In our mind if [you are] with him [you] f***ed him,” the comedian said. “In this world, it’s not about what you think you are, it’s about what people SEE [you] as and it’s up to you to make them see what you see. You’ll see what I’m [tryin] to say later on. [I’m] not bashing you. Just understand [that] you are what’s perceived in this industry.”

Amber responded once more to Duval, revealing that the two has previously met and even took a picture together. She uses it as an example that just because she took a photo with someone, she’s not always sleeping with the person.

“You [asked] me for a pic when I met [you] I took the pic with [you] cuz I’m a fan of [yours] also. Just cuz I take a pic [with] someone doesn’t mean I’m hanging with them or sleeping with them.”