FabolousThe New York Knicks have already landed a trio of stars this season, in the acquisitions of Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Chaucey Billups. But for rapper Fabolous, that’s not enough. He wants more star power for his NBA home team, and will do his part to make it happen.

The stars he’s looking to add are Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard, and the New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul.

The Knicks played the Magic on Wednesday night (March 23), and Fabolous said he’d be in the building to recruit Howard for New York when he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2012.

“I’d want him to join us,” the rapper told ESPN. “He, along with Chris Paul, would be the final pieces of the puzzle. We’d welcome them with open arms. They wouldn’t even need to wipe their feet at the door.”

As most seem to believe, the Knicks are not a great team yet, but are close to being there, despite their losses as of late. Fab says a few more pieces and it’s a wrap, and he plans to lend a helping hand by wooing both Howard and Paul into coming to the Knicks.

“We really are a promising team with Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and even Chauncey Billups. We’re getting our chemistry together,” Fabolous said. “With the addition of Howard and Paul, we’d be unstoppable.”

Like Fab, Jay-Z has tried to bring star power to New York, as part of the Nets, which he owns a small piece of. The Nets are expected to move to Brooklyn in the coming years, and even he wasn’t able to lure Melo to his team before the trade deadline this year.

Fabolous claims, however, that he can show prospects a different side of New York than Jay can.

“Jay-Z has lots of money,” he continued. “He sells the city differently than I’d do. I think his little tour of the area would be different than mine. But I do love when they play my song ‘You Be Killin Em’ at the Knicks games. That really pumps them up to play ball. We just need some more great players!”

At press time, Howard nor Paul have commented on Fabolous of the prospects of coming to New York.