Floyd MayweatherBoxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. loves to make bets. It’s only right since he lives in the gambling capitol of the world — Las Vegas.

Most recently, Mayweather cashed in over $37,000 on a bet he won with the Chicago Bulls, exclaiming that if you wanna win money, bet on the team’s superstar Derrick Rose.

The boxer posted a picture from his Twitter account (@FloydMayweather) Wednesday morning (March 23) of a betting slip from the M Resort in Las Vegas, showing off winnings of $37,272.75 on the Bulls, who faced the Atlanta Hawks the previous night.

“My lil brother Derrick Rose will always get you Paid,” Mayweather wrote in a tweet, which was reported by ESPN.com.

According to the pic, Mayweather made a halftime bet that the Hawks wouldn’t outscore the Bulls by six points or more in the second half.

He was right. The visiting Bulls outscored Atlanta 42-38 in the second half, easily winning the best for Mayweather.