Young BuckYoung Buck’s problems just continue to mount. In addition to his ongoing tax problems, the Tennessee rapper is now being sued by his label, G-Unit Records, for a reported $10 million … if he breaches his contract.

50 Cent and his imprint filed a $10 million claim in Buck’s bankruptcy case, in the event the rapper breaches his contract, and another $171,000 claim for money 50 claims Buck owes him from a $300,000 loan in 2005.

There are 14 claims against Buck (real name: David Darnell Brown), totaling $11.5 million, reports The Tennessean newspaper.

Since a raid on his Nashville home in August, Buck enlisted Robin Mitchell Joyce to represent him. She tells the paper Buck’s biggest problem was not being aware of the business dealings he was involved in.

“One of the biggest problems with Buck’s situation is not only that it’s so complex, but also that he didn’t understand it,” Joyce said. “The money went in and the money went out and Buck’s universe of knowledge about his financial state is a balance on an ATM receipt. … Buck never knew at one point, at several points, that he was a millionaire.”

Shortly after the aforementioned raid, Buck hired attorney Lynda Jones and filed for bankruptcy, hoped to be released from his record deal with G-Unit, and also revealed that he planned to sue 50 Cent, and former manager Sha Money XL.

Joyce didn’t believe that was the right choice. She tells the Tennessean that it would be nearly impossible to secure a new record deal after discharging one in bankruptcy. She explained to Buck that the only budget he submitted to G-Unit for a third album was for $1 million, twice what his contract allowed, which allowed the label to ignore him without approving or denying the budget.

However, in recent weeks, Joyce submitted a new, $500,000 budget to G-Unit for what would be Buck’s third album. She says this would essentially force the label to either approve it or release Buck.

At press time, it’s unknown what the status is.

As if his financial problems were not enough, Buck’s recovery hit a snag earlier this month when he was arrested on the federal gun charges, for being a convicted felon in possession of a .40-caliber pistol and ammunition.

He could face up to 10 years in prison. Buck is currently out on $100,000 bail, with a trial set for May.