Wiz Khalifa Downplays Rumored Beef With Odd Future, Says He Supports Them

Wiz Khalifa and Odd FutureApparently, there is some sort of beef going on between rising star Wiz Khalifa, and Cali-based newcomers Odd Future (OFWGKTA).

During the 2011 mtvU Woodies, members of the group kept shouting out “F*** Rolling Papers,” which is the title of Wiz’s upcoming debut album.

Both were in attendance at the ceremony and both acts performed. However, we were unsure about how the beef started. But after some investigation, we found out that OFWGKTA dropped a mixtape, also using the title Rolling Papers, back in August 2010, a full five months before the Pittsburgh rapper announced his album’s title and March release date.

So, where does it go from here? Wiz isn’t into beefing, and¬† during a recent sitdown with KarmaloopTV, he addressed the issue with the L.A. rap collective, brushing it off with his usual, laid back attitude.

“That was them? Oh, ok. Did they like … diss me, or were they pissed?” Wiz asked the interviewer about the rumored Woodies diss. “I didn’t even see it, honestly. I’m glad I didn’t though.

“I figured that was gonna happen,” he continued. “Who doesn’t have a title that another person has? But umm, I support those dudes. I’m just now getting up on them dudes. I like their angle. The whole controversy thing, it’s cool. It takes balls to take that lane. Whatever they gone do … I don’t want them to feel like I jacked the name from them or nothing like that. Everybody know I smoke papers and sh**. I support them dudes heavily man.”

There you have it. Doesn’t sound like you’ll be hearing any back-n-forth from these two, at least not from Wiz’ side. He is planning to just continue his hard work, as he gears up for the release of his Rolling Papers release on March 29.

To find out more about all the hype surrounding Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA), visit their official website at OddFuture.com, where you can also download their Rolling Papers mixtape.

  1. They were saying that because in the song “Sandwiches” Tyler says “Fuck rollin’ papers, bitch; Im ashin’ blunts” So Im pretty sure they were just playing hypemen to that line. Might be a very subtle diss, but I dont think it is.

  2. lmao it wasnt a diss at wiz idk if you noticed but tyler talks shit about the rest of OF in his songs ie: “syd shut the fuck up” line in yonkers or him killing earl at the end of couch. domo’s album was called rolling papers the “fuck rolling papers” line was a jab at his own group member lol. the media should quit tryna incite beef between rising artists…let them muhfuggas do what they doin

  3. im pretty sure people wwho started this rumor arent odd future fans.

  4. I guess Wiz is slowly learning not to beef someone without figuring out if they actually said what they meant- sort of like the whole thing with him and Ghostface… fuck Wiz

  5. @jonny5: It’s “Fuck rollin’ papers, I’m a rebel, bitch, I’m ashin’ blunts.” Sorry, I have OCD with lyric lines for Odd Future haha.

  6. ghostface put him on a list of the top softest rappers lol id be pissed too

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