Tyreke EvansIn light of the natural disaster that struck Japan on over a week ago, Sacramento Kings star Tyreke Evans and New York Spring Water announced this week that they would be donating fresh drinking water to earthquake and tsunami survivors to aid in disaster relief efforts.

According to news reports, over 1,000,000 homes are without water, and they wanna do their part to help.

New York Spring Water’s President, Richard Zakka, has confirmed that thousands of liters of water have been deployed from Takeshita Distribution, the company’s local distributor, to the Japanese government. Zakka also asserts the brand’s commitment to support all water relief efforts throughout the affected areas until safe uncontaminated water supplies are restored.

Water will be supplied to shelters, stores, and local organizations through the Army’s disaster relief team. Further information is expected to follow when relief efforts are underway, said a rep for the company.

Evans willingness to support New York Spring Water’s relief efforts come as no surprise to the brand. In a recent news report, the NBA star stated “I support VBLAST! and Aqua84, not only for their great taste and nutrients, but also because of the company’s commitment to help developing countries drill wells for fresh drinking water.

“Giving back to those less fortunate is something I do often, as I possibly can, so I am excited to be working with a company that does just that.”

Queen Latifah is also a co-owner of New York Spring Water, as well as an endorser.

For more info, visit NewYorkSpringWater.com.