Lil B The Based God, Odd Future Rock SXSW With Help Of Diddy

Snoop Dogg and the DPGC rocked it on Saturday in honor of Nate Dogg, but at the Fader Fort at SXSW over the weekend, it was newcomers Lil B and Odd Future who held things down with the help of …. Diddy?

Yep, the hip-hop mogul helped get the crowd ready for Lil B The Based God by performing his cooking dance while B screamed out “SWAG” while later introducing Odd Future, declaring both the future of music.

“Both these last two acts are the future of the music industry,” Diddy announced, rocking a tee that read “Cocaine & Caviar.” “Make some noise for the future of the music industry.”

In the clip above, Lil B performs several songs, including “Age Of Information,” in which he declared that “without the Internet, I wouldn’t be here.”

OFWGKTA’s Tyler The Creator mashed out his track, “Sandwitches” (above), with an introduction by Diddy, of course. Then, later Diddy treated fans to a semi-performance of Biggie’s ’90s smash “Mo Money Mo Problems”, most of which was sung by the audience.

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