During our recent sit-down with the legendary Raekwon, we spoke on several different topics, from the NBA to his dream movie cast, but more importantly, we discussed music and his re-energized career coming off the release of 2009’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II.

As we talked about the success of the sequel to his classic set, Only Built For Cuban Linx…, Rae went off on a long explanation on how he was able to channel the style hip-hop fans loved on his 1995 and mix it with all the new swag of today, resulting in a successful formula.

As the conversation continued, the Chef expressed his disgust over the way new artists adopt the current winning formulas and duplicate it, instead of doing something refreshing and new. Because of this, fans are afraid to buy albums, Rae says, but makes it clear you’ll never have to worry about that from him.

“I feel like that about hip-hop: stop following what everybody else is doing and do your own sh**. But everybody is caught up into just the look, not giving these people that really love hip-hop, quality sh**,” says Rae. “I wanna give n****s quality sh**, and I’mma keep giving n****s quality sh** from now on.”

Raekwon’s next album, the highly anticipated Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, is in stores now. Order your copy now at Amazon.com.