Later this month, EA is set to unleash the latest installment in their “Need For Speed” franchise, “Shift 2 Unleashed,” which they say will push gamer’s “driving skills to their ultimate nerve-wracking limits.”

From the looks of the trailer, we are excited, and puts gamers right in the driver’s seat, in the most realistic way. The producers enlisted several professional racers to give them feedback to make every aspect of the game real. It boasts intensely authentic physics and true-to-life degradation of cars and tracks, plus an eye-watering sense of speed combine with the all-new helmet camera to let you feel every scrape and impact in your all-out fight to the finish line.

Don’t believe us? Just check this clip to see. We’re impressed. “Shift 2 Unleashed” drops March 29th, and is available for pre-order now. Order one over at