Vida Guerra for PETA

Model Vida Guerra is the latest celebrity to strip down for animal rights organization, PETA.

The Cuban-born model/actress is set to celebrate her 30-something birthday on Saturday (March 19), and wants her Twitter fans to make a donation in honor of her big day. In return, she’ll show you some nude pics, featuring in a brand new PETA ad.

Guerra is an outspoken vegetarian, apparently, and wants to use her birthday to make a positive impact for animals. Vida has set up a donation page on PETA’s website and is asking everyone she knows to make a contribution to PETA’s efforts in lieu of sending her a birthday gift.

“So what I would say to my fans is to go to PETA Web site,, and get more information about it because anyone that has a heart will have compassion towards them,” Vida told the organization. “And just change your thought process, and in changing that, we might change the whole world …”

As a longtime vegetarian, Guerra is concerned about the high incidence of meat-related health problems in the Latin community — including heart disease, cancer, obesity, and high blood pressure — and sees a delicious, cruelty-free vegetarian diet as the best way to stay healthy.

The ad — which was shot by celebrity photographer Nick Saglimbeni — shows Guerra kneeling on a bed of red chili peppers and reads, “Spice Up Your Life — Go Vegetarian!”

The ad is only viewable after a donation is made, which can be anywhere from $25 all the way to $100 and up. It’s up to how much the fan wants to donate.

This isn’t the first time that the curvaceous stunner has raised temperatures to help animals. Last year, Guerra handed out vegan chili dogs — while wearing a chili-pepper bikini — on Capitol Hill for PETA’s annual veggie dog giveaway.

To see Vida’s new pics and to donate, visit