Since announcing that they were planning to reunite in January 2010, The HRSMN have been working hard in the studio, recording new material and sending out updates to fans here and there. In December — the group consisting of Ras Kass, Kurupt, Killah Priest, and Canibus — revealed that they were working on a single, while Rasy Kassy made it clear The HRSMN project was “definite.”

From the looks of a new trailer, the foursome released, titled “The End Is Near,” the long awaited project was nearing its end. In the trailer/clip, each member is introduced, along with their roles as specific “horsemen” in the group. At the end, it says “Summer 2011.” Could it be? We hope so!

Additionally, in an email sent from Ras Kass’ camp, three — out of the four members — will be performing together at an upcoming MMA/music festival in May, called Cage Vs Cons. Head over to for more details.