The Fixxers - AMG and DJ QuikWest coast rap legend DJ Quik went on a verbal tirade against former partner and fellow vet, AMG, on Twitter early Thursday (March 17), firing off a series of insults and explanations as to why their relationship fell apart.

The duo formed a partnership in 2006, under the group name “The Fixxers,” and released the hit single, “Can U Werk Wit Dat.” Despite its success, their collaborative album, Midnight Life, never dropped.

Via Twitter, Quik explained.

“the fixxers LP MIDNIGHT LIFE wasn’t released partially because amg doesn’t like Interscope Records. They suggested that he ‘get in shape.’ he resented that, said ‘f*** em’, and they terminated our recording contract,” the Compton rap legend wrote (@DJQuik).

As the producer/rapper continued, he claimed AMG would insult him on radio, after their split, before sending some shots the rapper’s way.

“D Trane, who used to represent The Fixxers, just reminded of how AMG would get on broadcast radio and insult me. ‘My Life Is A Strategy…’ He who laughs last…,” said Quik, before adding, “His life is a Tragedy. Jason Lewis aka Amg. Amg is a grumpy old fag. Amg doesn’t even own his own name. I digress.”

In a Myspace bulletin, posted by Quik in the summer of 2009, he delved deeper into the pair’s friction, claiming business got into between friends. Eventually, they split and have bad blood to this day, obviously

“The business end of this sh** will turn your friends against you…,” Quik’s post began. “AMG is selling fixxers beats on his myspace page. desperate,” he continued. “he’s hating on the major labels, and IM the ONE who got him the deal with Interscope and produced can ‘U Werk With That’ !!! …

“he’s broke as hell, strung out and hiding in St. Louis where he belongs… as a F***in loser,” he continued. “Los Angeles Is TOO full of mad rappers and bitter, angry opportunistic folks. Thats why we cant get back on top as a movement.”

Despite The Fixxers’ dissolution, Quik has been working. In the past several years, he’s been in the studio working on his next album, titled The Book Of David, now set to drop on April 20.