Travis BarkerBlink 182’s drummer, Travis Barker, dropped his solo debut, Give The Drummer Some, this week. As the new album dropped, Complex rolled out a brand new interview with Barker, who touches on several different topics.

One he discussed, which we also wondered about, was if he received any flack from his rock fans, being that his career took off in the rock genre and he’s doing so much hip-hop these days.

Well, his response to the haters: “F*** you” and “Open your eyes.”

“There’s a lot of pieces to me and if some fans don’t like every piece, that’s OK. I got people who were mad when I played the Grammys with Wayne, Drake, and Eminem. That’s one of the biggest highlights of my life, and they’ll be like, ‘Stop playing this rap sh**!” Barker explained.

“It’s like, ‘F*** you, man!’ Open up your eyes. Open up your ears, you Nazi bastard. Don’t be so closed-minded,” he continued. “There’s nothing better than hanging out with Bun B and having him tell me he’s been listening to Radiohead like crazy. I’ve always been a confused kid and I’ve never grown up out of that. I listened to all types of music and no one judged me for it, and if they did, I told them to go f*** themselves.”

For Travis, making rap music is different from making rock music, but he loves both in different ways, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“With rock music, it usually revolves around the band. You go in as a band and probably take about a year to record an album. But for a hip-hop song, you can create a track and an idea with verses and choruses in a day, and get three different people on it,” Barker told the mag. “It seems like you’re able to do more with hip-hop. You’ll see with the album. But I also love being in the studio with Mark and Tom [of Blink-182]. I like all of it. I’d be bummed if one of them wasn’t there. I wouldn’t want to just play rap music; I wouldn’t want to just play punk rock music.”

Barker is probably one of the only rock stars to become fully immersed in the hip-hop game. While there’s several examples of hip-hop and rock being fused together, no one has really done it to the extend of Barker. He’s so popular among the hip-hop community and its fans that The Source gave him the cover of their September 2010 issue.

In recent years, he’s also gained a lot of attention for his hip-hop remixes, which included Soulja Boy’s “Crank That,” Flo Rida’s “Low”, Eminem’s “3 AM”, and Drake’s “Forever”.

The drummer may be mostly known for rock music and his Famous Stars & Straps clothing line, but for him, he’s actually more comfortable hanging out with rappers … and admits, he’s honored the hip-hop community has embraced him with open arms.

“It seems like I have more in common — or hit it off better — with rappers than fools that are in rock music,” Barker admitted. “It was always natural for me. And I’m a huge fan. Whenever I get an offer or hear a guy like Wayne shout me out on a mixtape, it’s like, “What the f***!’ I’m always flattered. Totally honored, stoked, or whatever.”

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Some of you rock fans may not like Travis doing rap, but we sure do, so welcome to hip-hop Travis! Glad you’re here.

Give The Drummer Some is in stores now.