Suge Knight fighting at Aria Hotel in Las Vegas

Suge Knight fighting at Aria Hotel in Las VegasPoor Suge Knight. The guy just can’t dodge trouble, no matter where he goes.

Apparently, over the weekend, big Suge got into a fist fight at a Las Vegas casino with a man half his size … and TMZ got a hold of footage.

According to TMZ, the fight (seen in the clip below) took place on the casino floor at the Aria Hotel in Vegas early Saturday morning (March 12).

The clip is short, but it starts with both men swinging wildly as they prance around and size each other up, all while a crowd forms and watches the action. Several haymakers are thrown, but it doesn’t look like any really lands.

Eventually, the unknown man retreats and Suge goes after him. Casino employees had to step in to restrain Suge, who finally cools down and walks off after a few minutes.

An eyewitness told TMZ that Suge went ballistic when the man approached him with a challenge … saying, “I can take you.”

Suge was not arrested that evening. Maybe playing bingo online might be a safer bet next time.

Aria Hotel would not confirm any details regarding the incident.