Chris BrownIn support of his upcoming F.A.M.E. album, Chris Brown has been making his rounds on radio. Most recently, he stopped by Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio station to chop it up with morning show’s “Big Boy’s Neighbor,” and the host put him on the spot.

Breezy hasn’t said much about the nude photo that leaked on the Internet earlier this month, but Big Boy put him in the hot seat, and asked.

Brown burst into laughter.

“I have nothing to say,” a red-faced Brown said, before clarifying that the pic was, in fact, for a woman. “Definitely a girl, definitely a girl.”

As the radio host continued to joke and grill him about the nude leak, Breezy stumbled over his words, while giggling.

Then, he tried to explain his reaction to the news of the photo getting out. “I was just on my video game, playing a video game, and I was looking at Twitter and was like yeah!” Brown explained, before the radio show interrupted to ask what he was doing while taking the photos.

“It was an out-the-shower shot. … I’m comfortable with my body, I don’t care about all of that,” he laughed.

Watch the radio interview below: