50 CentAfter leaving Interscope in 2010, 50 Cent inked a deal with EMI to distribute his G-Unit Records imprint. Now, Fif’ is taking his label international.

The hip-hop mogul has inked a deal with independent label PIAS Group.

One of the first orders of business for G-Unit will be to open a new UK-based office , which will handle marketing and distribution deals for G-Unit’s international branch.

“Last year we took the decision to restructure the label and begin to carve out its own world-wide distribution, marketing and promotions strategy,” Nikki Martin, Vice President of G-Unit Records & Entertainment, said in a statement.

“After signing with EMI for North America, we looked at who could help develop the brand in other key territories and we decided to partner with PIAS who shared our vision and passion for the music.”

50 is all about his business these days. In addition to hopping into the movie biz as a producer and actor, the rapper launched a separate label in December called G-Note Records, focused on releasing pop and R&B acts. He’s also jumped into into the headphone game with the release of Sleek By 50 Cent; and even invested in a digital eyewear company called Gunnar Optiks.

But despite his various business interests, it looks like music will still be one of his main job.