Gucci Mane x April 2011 The SourceGucci Mane is one the biggest stars in Atlanta, at least that he how feels. And from the things he’s experiencing in his hometown, that statement could be correct.

In The Source magazine’s annual “Green” issue, the rapper expressed his ambition to become “the richest person in Atlanta,” and that his celebrity has gotten so out of control, he can barely live a normal life.

“I’m so big in Atlanta right now, I can’t even go outside,” Gucci says in the magazine’s cover story, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It never used to be like this. Now old people, white people, all people know who I am. Like people almost wrecking their car to take a picture of my car.”

His fame is so crazy in the ATL that he’s followed home by fans looking for an autograph, and even stopped by police, so they can check out his cars… and that’s no exaggeration, it happened a day before the interview.

“Yesterday, I’m in my Ferrari, I get pulled over, the cop comes to the car and says, ‘Sorry, I just wanna see the inside of your Ferrari.’ I swear to God,” Gucci claimed.

Although he has fame, critics and blogs often call Gucci “ignorant” or sometimes, even “dumb.” But, Gucci begs to differ, citing his college GPA as proof. We all make mistakes he says, but don’t judge him.

“When I came out of school, I had a 3.4 GPA,” he said — the rappe attended Georgia Perimeter College. “I was always a smart guy. I always prided myself on being a challenger and making challenging decisions. I’m not perfect, but I definitely try my best to be a good person that makes wise decisions.”

Despite people doubting his intelligence, Gucci says it helps him climb the ladder to succces.

“The critics and bloggers ridicule and scrutinize [but] it fuels my fire,” Gucci said. “I can’t say I want to enjoy all the spoils of the game without being criticized. I actually welcome it as a part of success. I don’t want everybody to like me. So many people feel like I don’t deserve the things I got. I know I worked so hard for ’em, so [criticism] makes me work even harder.”

Also in the interview, the rapper talks about how he made the Forbes list while incarcerated, and gives The Source a further look into his life, from his ice cream cone facial tattoo to his recent run-ins with the law.

The April issue of the magazine hits newsstands March 22.