With college basketball’s March Madness set to go full steam this week, UNDRCRWN will be dropping a new collection in spirit of this time of year.

Dubbed simply, the “March Madness” collection, the new selection of tees honor college history’s most legendary teams, people, and moments of the past 20+ years.

The collection includes the “FRESHman Five”, the “North Cakalak”, “The Shark” Tee, the “Crazies”, the “85 Illanova”, and the “UC Devils”.

“These are all new graphics with just enough retro styling to make you reminisce over iconic teams like the Fab Five and take you back Tark’s towel biting days,” a rep for UNDRCRWN said of the collection.

The “March Madness” collection drops Tuesday (March 15). For more info, visit UNDRCRWN.com.