Marshall Major Headphones

As hardcore music junkies, we wear out dozens of headphones throughout our lives. We take them out on the streets, in trains, on bikes, through storms, rain and heat, which eventually lead to broken contacts, damaged ear buds and so on.

Marshall — the brand that breathless roadies and roaring trucks have struggled to make heard all across the globe — graced us with a pair of their latest headphones, dubbed the “Major.” So, we tested them to see if these stylish babies are worth the $99 price tag.

What’s in the box
– headphones
– adapter
– manual

The Review
The Marshall Major headphones come beautifully boxed and are the company’s first for individual use. They have the look that Marshall has been carrying out for over 50 years. Their typical Marshall-style texture and decoration can be found on the outside of each headphone, which have matte black finish cans. Furthermore, Jim Marshall’s signature can be found on the inside of the band.

The cord is made of thick satin-finish rubber and has a coil near the earpiece, while the headphones have little touches of gold on the inside and gold plated 3.5mm jack.

The headphones are quite petite and the possibility to fold them makes them a perfect travel partner. The fully collapsible construction allows you to carry the headphones in small bags. Other pleasant features are the super soft ear cushions and the extra 6.3 mm adapter that come with the headphones.

The Verdict
The Marshall Major live up to our expectations. They are powerful, boast strong sound, impressive looks, and is quite portable and lightweight. They also have super soft ear cushions and foldable, offering the user great comfort during use.

These are a great alternative for those who want to distinguish themselves from the Beats By Dre crowd and for those who are satisfied with a non-spectacular, yet solid sound performance.

Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0.

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