Cotto and Ricardo MayorgaAfter losing to Shane Mosley in 2008, Nicaraguan brawler Ricardo Mayorga has been trying to claw his way back to the top of the boxing world.

In his last fight, in December, he TKO’d Michael Walker, and hoped to build on that momentum with a title fight against Miguel Cotto on Saturday (March 12), but the Puerto Rican boxer wasn’t having it.

Mayorga was TKO’d in the final round by a vicious left hook that put him on the canvas. Shortly after being dropped, he gave up and Cotto earned his first WBA World Light Middleweight defense since taking the title from Yuri Foreman last summer.

While Mayorga was looking to brawl all night, like he typically does, Cotto fought a technical fight for 11 rounds, before unleashing the big guns in the 12th.

After the fight, Mayorga said that an injury to his thumb was the reason why he couldn’t go on, and not the left hook at knocked him down.

“I hate the way this fight ended,” Mayorga said. “I tried to finish the final round, but the pain in my hand was too much.

“Miguel Cotto, he hits very hard, but that doesn’t scare me,” he added.

Mayorga did have a few moments during the bout though. In the seventh round, he threw a flurry of awkward punches, finding their mark on Cotto, who for the first time in the fight was on the defense. However, by the next round, Cotto was right back in control, as Mayorga seemed to have punched himself out.

Overall, it was Cotto’s night, and it was an exciting one.

“It was a really good fight with an amazing finish,” Cotto said, following his textbook win.

Cotto took home $1 million in the fight, and improved his record to 36-2 with 29 knockouts. Mayorga fell to 29-8-1, and has now lost five of his last nine fights.

After the fight, Mayorga said it’s time to hang up his gloves, as promised in the media run leading up to the fight.

“I’m going to retire,” Mayorga said. “I think I need to look for a job. I said at the start of this promotion that I would retire from boxing if I lost, and I think it’s time to retire. I’m not happy with my performance.”

During his boxing career, Mayorga has brought excitement to the sport, despite his unorthodox style. He was even featured on the cover of Ring Magazine in December 2003 with the headline: “The craziest man in the sport: Mayorga lights up boxing.”

In 2002, he earned his first world title when he knocked out Andrew “Six Heads” Lewis to earn the WBA’s World Welterweight belt. Then, the following year, he unified the title with an upset knockout win over, then WBC Welterweight Champion, Vernon Forrest, who he defeated in a rematch months later.