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Original streetwear line, Tribal, is still dropping new seasons, as they’ve done consistently over their 20-year existence. Most recently, the San Diego-based brand dropped their brand new, Spring 2011 Collection.

Their new line boasts, at least, 10 new tees, with designs from the likes of veteran artists like RISK, Luke Wessman, and Mr. Flaks, among others. It also includes an exclusive collaborative tee with legendary Dog Town skater Jay Adams, their third collabo tee with Psycho Realm, as well as designs with various Tribal logos including the “Classic” graff-styled tee.

Most tees sell for just $20, and are currently available at select retailers, worldwide, as well as the company’s online store at

Tribal celebrated its 20 year anniversary recently, and we caught up with one of the clothing company’s founders to take about their journey, from their beginnings when “streetwear” wasn’t even a word to still doing it today after all these years.

“It just kinda crept up on us. It wasn’t a goal or anything I was looking forward to, it just kinda happened,” founder Bobby Ruiz said of the milestone. “I’m working on a book right now, and I’m looking back, digging through my archives, looking through old photos and graphics … it’s given me perspective. It feels good man. It feels real good just to know that we’re pioneers in this … what’s become this west coast clothing movement.”