NecroHardcore rapper, producer Necro recently just shot scenes for his first feature film role, in the upcoming horror film, “The Super.”

In the flick, the rapper (real name: Ron Braunstein) plays the role of Detective Sardusky, a nasty corrupt cop with an attitude.

Necro told us, exclusively, that in the film, he “performs alot of impov, thanks to the cool directors.”

“I had a fun time filming this movie because the directors let me do a lot of improv and that opens the door to classic lines and realistic scenes”, Necro tells of the experience. “This is just the start of my acting career.”

While it may be his first acting role, he’s been training at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, where many acting greats trained in the past, including Al Pacino. Necro plans to really sink his teeth into the Hollywood game in the coming years. On his official Facebook page, he even has a photo album consisting of four acting headshots.

But, just like in music, Necro knows you have to pay your dues first.

“I have been pushing for the last two years, paying dues, from Monologue Slams to NYFA student films, to cable tv shows and now small feature films. In five-plus years, you will see me in some big major films, right now I’m paying my dues,” he explained.

At press time, it’s unclear when the film is set to be released. You can find more info on the official “The Super” website at

Below is the first clip, the rapper sent over, in which he is beating and taking advantage of drug junkies.