Lupe FiascoAlthough his long-awaited Lasers album just hit stores, after fighting with his label for a release date, Lupe Fiasco already has his next project on his mind.

In a recent interview with MTV, the Chicago MC revealed that he’s already hard at work on the Lasers follow-up, Food & Liquor 2.

And, unlike his attempt at mass appeal with Lasers, Lupe says the next album is more along the lines of a “hood album” and makes no attempt at making the radio.

“There’s no attempt to get on the radio, except maybe once, thus far, it’s still a work in progress,” Lupe told MTV. “It’s a harder album — the beats are way harder. It’s not about being progressive. It’s not about making music, which is weird [to say]. It’s ‘let’s make some really hard-ass songs.’ ”

Despite carrying the sequel title from his heralded debut, Lupe makes it clear, it’s not a remake of his first offering. “It’s not any attempt to reshape it or reintroduce it. I just think Food & Liquor was a dope title and I wanted to use it again.”

It will, however, reintroduce some of the original’s concepts, such as the multiple characters he revealed on both his debut and sophomore album, The Cool.

So far, no material has been recording for Food & Liquor 2.

According to, Lasers is on track to sell around 190,000 to 220,000 in its first week out, which would easily push it to the top of the Billboard 200.