Lil Kim and Notorious BIGThis week marked the 14th anniversary of the death of legendary Brooklyn rapper, the Notorious B.I.G. During the last few days, many rappers and industry folk have reminisced about their time spent with, or memories of the late rapper. Even his former protege Lil Kim.

In an interview with Orlando radio personality Lady T, the female rap legend discussed her feelings on who was behind the slaying of her mentor.

According to Kim, she points to the possibility of a government conspiracy behind, not only Biggie’s murder, but also Tupac’s — both of which remained unsolved today.

“I always felt like Biggie and Tupac’s deaths was bigger than how they made it to be,” Kim started, during her on-air chat on Power 95.3. “It’s bigger than Suge Knight being involved … I think it’s even over his head. [Biggie and Tupac] was very powerful guys; they both could’ve ran for mayor just like Arnold Schwarzenegger and probably won. I think the government is looking at it like ‘We cannot have these two hood dudes with this much power, runnin’ for mayor or somethin’ like that, and winning,’ ’cause they feel like they would have lost control.

“I think it was way deeper than what people would like to believe it to be, I can’t say if this person was involved or that person was involved, no one knows. But I know it was way deeper than what people believe it to be,” the rapper concluded.

There’s been numerous theories over both slayings — ones including Suge Knight, Diddy, and even the F.B.I., but today, the murders seem a long way to being solved.

In new details, uncovered in February, pointed at an LAPD cover-up and further evidence pointing suggesting two Suge Knight-associated officers were responsible.