Diamond's new tattooAtlanta femcee, Diamond, joined a growing list of rappers getting their faces tatted as of late. First it was Gucci Mane with his ice cream cone, and then Yung LA with a duck (later covered up by the LA Dodgers logo), and now, it’s Ms 32Flavaz.

Or did she really?

The rapper debuted some new ink on Tuesday (March 8), via Twitter (@DiamondATL), posting a pic of her new face tattoo of a bullet with the accompanying message: “IN LIFE: You only get ONE SHOT!!!!!! Remember dat!”

The tattoo is located on the left side of her face, between her ear and cheek, and can easily be covered up with her hair.

After some speculation whether or not the tattoo was fake, and done strictly for publicity, Diamond followed up with a tweet, playfully asking that her followers decide for themselves.

“Okay let’s have a lil fun now… If you think diamonds tattoo is REAL press 1 ! If u think its FAKE press 2 ! I love controversy!” the rapper wrote.

In the meantime, Diamond also used the attention to plug her the upcoming release of her mixtape, Cocaine Waitress, and announcing that its second video would be dropping soon.

She also posted a link to her latest single “Red Lipstick,” leaked to the website, WordofSouth.com.