Yung LA gets duck tatt coveredAtlanta rapper Yung LA had the Internet going nuts in February, when a video clip surfaced of him getting a cartoon-style duck tattooed on his face.

At first, many were confused over the origin of the duck, but it was later revealed that the duck was actually the logo of an Atlanta-based label called Duct Tape Ent., which LA was presumably signed to.

However, Duct Tape CEO Alley Boy cleared things up on local radio station V-103, dismissing Yung LA’s claims he had signed to his label and demanded that tattoo be removed.

Well, despite LA boldly saying the “Duck still on my face, and it ain’t going nowhere”, via a response video, the rapper appeared in a new clip this week in which he is seen getting the tattoo covered up with the “LA” logo of the major league baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“We ain’t trying to put no negative energy out. I just gave [Duct Tape Ent] a big up, a shoutout. Real n****s do real sh**, the duck come off,” Yung LA explains in the clip, as he’s getting inked.

“I’m getting the duck took out my face right now,” he later adds, while speaking on the phone in the clip. “So when this get on the internet, they gonna be like ‘Oh!'”

It looks like there will no further problems with this trademark/tattoo infringement, so Yung LA can move on to his lean-induced music. He is currently prepping the release of a new mixtape, entitled Tattoos & Jewelry, due out March 30.