Ja RuleAfter being handed down a two-year prison sentence in December 2010, things in Ja Rule’s gun case have been delayed … and now it looks like the rapper will only have a few more months of freedom, with June being the end of the countdown.

A judge has marked June 8th as the first day of his two-year jail term, according to reports, so the rapper could settle a federal tax issue.

Ja Rule (real name: Jeffrey Atkins) will also use the time to finish his next album, titled Renaissance Project, set to drop on his own MPire Music Group.

According to the New York Post, the furlough was granted by the judge against the prosecution’s wishes.

“We want to finish the album, and there’s also a tax issue,” his lawyer, Stacey Richman, told the paper. “Somebody, an accountant, had filed an incorrect form, and this is to correct what was done in the past.”

The sentence comes after 35-year-old Ja Rule pleaded guilty, in December, to attempted weapon possession, stemming from an arrest in 2007 where police found a handgun in his vehicle after he was stopped for speeding.

Ja was leaving a concert in New York City, after joining Lil Wayne at his first headlining gig there. Weezy was also pulled over in a separate instance that evening, and also charged with illegal possession of a firearm.