Young BuckYoung Buck can’t catch a break these days, especially since 50 Cent booted him from G-Unit over three years ago. In addition to his publicized financial problems, the Tennessee rapper may be facing some serious time … 10 years worth.

According to Nashville’s Channel 4 (WSMV) news station, the rapper (real name: David Darnell Brown) is facing federal charges for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, as part of an indictment handed down this week.

Buck appeared behind a judge on Monday (March 7) afternoon, and was taken away in handcuffs, for being a convicted felon in possession of a .40-caliber pistol and ammunition.

IRS agents raided his Nashville home in early August 2010, in an attempt to seize assets to pay back over $300,000 in delinquent taxes. Apparently, during the search, the firearm was discovered.

Reports said that the latest charges could mean 10 years in prison for the struggling rapper.

Buck, nor his attorney, has commented on the charges. However, he has pleaded not guilty, and his attorney said during the hearing that the charged “came as a surprise to both him and his client.”

The rapper is currently out on bond, but on the terms of his release, he must surrender his passport. However, the judge is allowing Buck to post $100,000 bond by Friday, and then he’ll get his passport back.

Buck is scheduled to perform in Canada soon.

The charges are the latest in a long line of troubles Buck has faced over the last few years, beginning in 2008, when 50 Cent removed him from the G-Unit hip-hop group and has since held him under contract without releasing his music.

Then, last year as previously mentioned, his home was raided by federal agents, who seized several of his belongings, due to unpaid taxes dating back to 2006. Months late, Buck sued the IRS, claiming the government’s response to his tax problems hurt his ability to make money and pay off his debts.

He has also filed bankruptcy and sued his former manager, Sha Money XL, and 50 Cent over a contract dispute that prevented Young Buck from releasing a new album.