ShyneIt looks like Shyne will finally drop the long awaited follow-up to 2004’s Godfather Buried Alive, following the release of a brand new, club-sounding single, titled “King David.”

The rapper has been all over the place since his release from prison in 2009. After being deported to his native Belize after serving 10 years behind bars, he’s traveled around the world, making stops in London, Paris, and South America, before moving to Israel last year, embracing his Jewish heritage, and even adopting the name, Moshe Levi.

Just this week, Shyne unleashed the first single off his upcoming album, which reports will be released in May. The single is called “King David,” a title that refers to the ancient Israeli king who ruled the land for 40 years sometime before Christ. It’s also the name of the hotel that the rapper has been living in.

However, the song doesn’t seem to have anything to do with King David at all. It sounds more like an club effort, in which Shyne spits about popping bottles in the club, hollering at females, and other typical content you’d expect from a club banger.

(Listen to “King David” right here )

Shyne has recently completed a string of interviews with Israeli media, where he explains his journey from the lifestyle of a hardened gangster rapper to an orthodox Jew. While some have questioned his intentions with this, dismissed claims that it was a publicity stunt.Shyne He hopes he can be the face of Israel through music.

However, Shyne plans to re-enter the U.S. soon. He told Funkmaster Flex last week that applications have been filed with the U.S., and hopes to touch down in the States once again within the next few months.

“We working on that right now. We put in the application, telling the U.S. we coming there to do our diplomatic thing,” Shyne said. “It’s looking straight. We might be there as early as June or early July.”

According to MissInfo, Shyne’s albums — Gangland and Messiah — are set to drop May 17.

Watch his Israeli interviews below: