Gangstas Dont Die bookThe quality that sets people apart in today’s society is how they deal with challenges set before them. It is no longer unusual to be from a single parent home, or to have influences of drugs, alcohol, sex or violence surrounding us.

Jermel “Mouse” Coleman is a shining example of how someone can take the worst of circumstances and turn them into a positive life’s work. In late February, the write launched the per-order for upcoming novel, Gangsta’s Dont Die, via Hustle Hard Publishing and

The riveting story in Gangsta’s Dont Die follows the character Calvin “Littles” Goodman through the trials and tribulations of modern street hustle — something Coleman understands all too well.

As a child in Brooklyn, New York, Mouse’s father succumbed tragically to drug addiction. He and his brother, known to the world as platinum-selling rapper Maino, were forced to turn to street associations to survive. Eventually, the troubled young men were both imprisoned in different incidents. Upon release, Maino focused on writing songs, while Mouse turned to planning a release for the novel he’d written while behind bars.

The book was originally released, independently, in 2007 through the Coleman brothers’ own Hustle Hard Publishing. Soon after, Maino’s music career skyrocketed with hits like “Hi Hater” and the 2009 single, “All the Above,” which was certified platinum. With global fame in the family, Mouse felt it was time to distribute his novel to reach people who identify with his brother’s music.

Equally important to Coleman are lovers of American literature, who may find new adventures to discuss in this book.

“For those who are unable relate to the story, I’m trying to paint a picture of understanding for them,” says Mouse. “So even though they can’t relate to the choices that some of us make growing up in the inner city, they can understand the circumstances, and maybe relate to the integrity of some of these characters. And for those who truly come from that same place, they will relate to the sense of camaraderie, loyalty and love.

“This book conveys the sense of family, brother and sisterhood that I feel strongly about,” the writer continues.. “As an author and storyteller, I try to be as visual as possible. I try to give the reader as much as insight I can see in my head, right down to the scent. I draw my stories from a real place.”

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