Los Angeles-based streetwear brand, Deadline, has been steadily craving a niche for itself since initially launching in 2007, and creating seasonal collections since last fall.

Partners, NA and Junbug, teamed up with a hustler’s mentality and wanted to fill a void, they say, isn’t provided in today’s streetwear market — something raw and uncut.

“I just asked NA if he wanted to do a brand with me and not knowing sh**, we started it,” admits Junbug of the brand’s beginnings. “We started ’cause we thought we could bring a raw, more uncut street brand that’s a little rougher than others to fill that void. Growth has been slow, but steady.”

The company just recently rolled out their latest Spring 2011 collection, introducing five new graphic tees — including the Fredo (featuring a scene from the legendary “Godfather” film series), the Black Hand, the Deadline x LoveMe Script, the Luciano (featuring a mugshot of the late mafia legend), and the Omerta.

Each new tee is available in three color ways, and are currently onsale at select retailers and online at DeadlineLTD.com.

Deadline are three seasons deep in the clothing game, following the release of their Fall and Holiday 2010 lines, and they aren’t shopping, despite a slow economy.

We wanted to know what their best-seller has been so far. Of all their pieces thus far, the duo said their most popular to date has been their “Tyson” crewneck and tees, which were released last fall. The pieces have been repped by rappers like Kendrick Lamar and other rising L.A. artists, and has since become such a hot item, people from across the country have been trying to get their hands on one.

“[Kendrick Lamar and other L.A. rappers] were the homies, but I tripped ’cause cats hit me up from all over — rappers, stylists, magazine cats. But, we sold out that item real quick and we don’t re-run shirts after they are sold,” Jun admits.

The idea for the tee came from an old Time magazine. After they created it, the Deadline partners knew they were on to something. “One of my graphic artist’ thought of it while looking through a Time magazine, where this image was on the cover,” Jun explained of the tee’s inspiration. “He took the quote from the Tyson interview and the image from the cover and made one of the illest t-shirt graphics I have ever seen. 14 different colors in that graphic.

“It’s so clean, hard and it looks so good,” he continued, when asked why people love it so much. “Obviously, it’s Mike Tyson. He’s the man and everyone loves him, just like I do.”

While the Tyson tees and crewnecks are now out of stock, Deadline has plans to re-release the tee in other colorways, so be on the look out. As for the future, Deadline will be dropping more variety into their line, releasing new products such as snapbacks, and other accessories, as well as establishing a cut and sew line.

For more info, visit them online at DeadlineLTD.com.