Wiz Khalifa: Roll Up (Music Video) (w/ Cassie)

As Wiz Khalifa’s debut nears, the Pittsburgh rapper drops another music video for the second single, “Roll Up,” featuring himself and Cassie, who plays the subject of the rapper’s interest and the reason why whenever she calls, he rolls up.

The clip is filmed on Venice Beach in Calif., and directed by Jake Davis. It opens with Cassie pulling up on a scooter to meet her girlfriends on the beach, and then Wiz comes up to greet her. Throughout the video, the pair are seen on the basketball courts, and then holding hands, and watching the sunset together.

Wiz’s major label debut, Rolling Papers, is set to drop March 29.

  1. sold out and commercial now???
    but hey..
    at the end of the day the shit is just a job..
    a job that pays better, allows you to travel the world, get thousands of dollars in cash every night, smoke & drink and fuck hella bad bitches or get’cha dick sucked on the clock and no uniform required..
    either that or workin at Giant Eagle nigga pick one..

  2. 3 things:
    1st Wiz don’t go commercial I just started listening to yo shit….Kush and Orange Juice, Flight School, etc. etc
    2nd WTF is up with Cassie hair…yo u aint no Amber Rose bitch
    3rd…damn Wiz u a skinny nukka get yo weight up fool

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