UNDRCRWN 85 Dunk Collection

UNDRCROWN dropped their brand new “85 Dunk” Capsule Collection this week, which include four new tees inspired by NBA’s annual Slam Dunk competition.

The collection is inspired by one of the best years of the annual dunk contest — 1985. That year was arguably one of the best head-to-head battles in its history, featuring greats Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins in the final round, with Clyde Drexler, Julius Erving, Darrel Griffith, Larry Nance, Terence Stansbury, and Orlando Woolridge serving as contestants as well.

The company says the “85 Dunk” collection is “inspired by the creativity and timelessness put on display over 25 years ago” when the aforementioned NBA legends took part.

“What made this era so significant for the dunk? The contest was a right of passage, it created a new generation of superstars and set the bar for any player who dunked thereafter,” UNDRCRWN said of 1985.

The tees’ graphics highlight the rare moments and showmanship that occurred in ’85 and the years that followed. From the Chi-city script to the gold chain detail on the Silhouette tee, the “visual language tells the story of how this became a classic era in sports history and later evolved into iconic street-style,” says the company.

The small collection is out now, and available at UNDRCRWN.com.

Below is a wrap-up of 1985’s classic dunk show: