Suge KnightAlthough Suge Knight’s lawsuit against Kanye West was reportedly dismissed back in November 2010, something was going on behind the scenes and both parties have settled the issue quietly, reports

Apparently, in December, Suge appealed the decision, and both have since reached a confidential agreement, in which a settlement was reached.

Knight sued West back in 2008, claiming the rapper didn’t take the necessary security precautions at a pre-VMAs party he threw in Miami in 2005, which resulted in the former Death Row Records head being shot.

His lawsuit claimed that due to Knight’s injuries, he had to undergo months of physical therapy, suffered permanent impairment in his mobility, and racked up significant medical expenses — including medical treatment, ambulance costs, and the cost of a private jet to transport him from Miami to Los Angeles.

The former hip-hop mogul was seeking damages of more than $1 million to cover medical expenses, the loss of a 15-carat diamond stud earring worth $135,000, and punitive damages.

“It was reasonably foreseeable to defendants that the party would present a dangerous environment with the possibility of weapons (including firearms) being used by or against party guests given the well-known feuds that have at times pitched East Coast rap and hip-hop stars against West Coast rap and hip-hop stars, some of whom would be attending the party with their associates,” read Suge’s case. “Certain hip-hop artists who were invited to the party … were known not to be friendly to Mr. Knight.”

A judge dismissed the case in November, citing lack of evidence, but Suge appealed the decision, which they recently dismissed after an agreement was made out of court.

The shooter in the case was never identified, and it remains unsolved.