Prodigy of Mobb DeepProdigy, one-half of the legendary NY duo Mobb Deep, became a free man on Monday (March 7) after serving around three years behind bars for a weapons possession conviction.

The rapper surfaced on Twitter Monday morning with a simple tweet (@PRODIGYMOBBDEEP) that included a picture (seen to the right) and the hashtag #WelcomeBackP.

In the pic, Prodigy is seen looking healthy, clean shaving, and is enjoying a cigar during his first hours of freedom.

His incarceration stems from an October 2006 arrest, where he and producer The Alchemist were pulled over after making an illegal U-turn, during which police found a handgun in a compartment of his vehicle. Both were arrested and subsequently released on bond with pending charges.

Prodigy (real name: Albert Johnson) was eventually charged with weapons possession and originally faced a mandatory sentence of 15 years. However, he copped a plea for a lesser charge and received a 3 1/2 year term in late 2007, and began serving time in early 2008.

But before heading to jail, he recorded a bulk of material and filmed several music videos, so that his music could be released during his time away. The last album came in 2008, titled Product Of The 80s.

Also while behind bars, P conducted some controversial interviews, and even released a few letters on a variety of topics, including conspiracy theories … and even wrote a memoir, titled My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, which he’ll be releasing next month.

So, Prodigy will be very busy over the next few weeks, promoting the book. The book is currently available for pre-order at