Kanye WestA lawsuit, in which a Virginia rapper claimed Kanye West stole his smash hit “Stronger” from one of his songs, was thrown out last week, when a judge said the songs in question were not noticeably similar.

Last summer, West was sued by a rapper named Vince P, claiming a song he recorded in 2006, also called “Stronger”, was stolen by the rap superstar after he submitted it to West’s business manager.

Vince P (real name: Vincent Peters) said seven months after he sent off his song to West’s camp, the Chicago rapper released his own version of the track.

Vince cited examples, in which he said similar bits of his own chorus were used for West’s hook as well — including the phrases “that which does not kill me makes me stronger,” “can’t wait much longer” and the word “wronger.”

Well, a judge didn’t agree, and the suit is caput.

Vince P originally demanded an unspecified amount in damages and for the label to cease distribution and performance of the song, as well as destroy any copies of the single.

“Stronger” appeared on Kanye’s 2007 album, Graduation.