Chris Brown

Although Chris Brown may have dropped a brand new track, alongside red hot Wiz Khalifa titled “Bomb,” his music was overshadowed by nude photos of himself that leaked online in the past day.

Breezy is no stranger to leaked photos. However, this time, they a bit different than the ones that leaked of Rihanna in mid-2009, in which he only appear shirtless with the singer’s panties on his head.

In these pictures, Breezy is seen, full-frontal, in bathroom photos he took himself. And they show everything! As evident by the blonde hair in the pic, the photos are pretty recent.

They were obviously meant to be private, and only to be seen by the person he sent them to, but we all know these things don’t stay private forever.

According to, who leaked the photos as part of video montage, the nudies were leaked by the singer’s “ex-chick” who was sent the pics as part of a sexting session.

Brown is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have had either photos or sex videos released for all to see, via the Internet. Previous leaks exposed Amber Rose, rapper Yung Berg, Tila Tequila, Diddy and Cassie, a second set of Rihanna pics, and Kanye West.

Do these celebrities ever learn?