Tech N9ne after a workoutOver the last few years, Tech N9ne finally began to receive acknowledgement for his independent grind and the monsterous indie label he’s been able to build over the last decade.

Working with Lil Wayne, signing Jay Rock and Brotha Lynch to Strange Music, and getting mainstream coverage are just a few of the results of his hard work.

A constant topic revealed in his songs, the Kansas City rapper is always on the road, sacrificing time away from his kids and family to walk a road less traveled. But, despite the long hours he puts in, these days Tech is also focused on his health.

The rapper recently tweeted a photo of himself directly after a long workout, in which he explained “Gotta lose this belly.”

Apparently, Tech is trying to get in tip-top shape, so he can continue to tour 300 days outta the year and build his brand globally. According to his tweet, he’s been working out with a trainer several days a week, and even puts in a little time on his own, running.

“After I workout with my personal trainer from 12 till 1, I come home and do the tread mill till 1 30,” writes Tech on Twitter (@TechN9ne).

Below is a short clip of Tech during his workout: