Daz album scaleDaz Dillinger, of the legendary Dogg Pound, is gearing up for the release of his 14th album, titled D.A.Z., and he’s taking a different approach in promoting it.

The Long Beach rapper is releasing a limited amount of his CDs, packaged with a digital scale, targeted toward all the “d-boys out there.”

“For all my d-boys out there …,” Daz starts in a clip, promoting the album scale.

“Open it up, BAM! It’s time to get busy. It’s time to get to the business. It’s time to put that thing on there and weigh em up. You already know? I’m trying to get 7 grams,” he exclaims while someone demonstrates how the album cover/scale works.

The album comes with a heft price-tag though. It’s selling for $59.99. The album is custom made with the scale right inside it, and Daz boasts that it can accurately measure up to 500 grams.

The clip, promoting the new album scale, was posted on Wednesday (March 2), but as of press time, we were unable to locate D.A.Z. for pre-sale on Amazon.com or his official website ThaDoggPound.com.

Stay tuned…