Carmelo Anthony finally went home in late February, when he was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks right before the NBA trade deadline, and a clothing company hopped on it immediately, dropping a Melo tee.

It was UNDRCRWN, who released the Melo tee, in the traditional Knicks colors.

“As an NYC based basketball-lifestyle brand, it was only natural for UNDRCRWN to release the ‘Melo’ tee upon hearing the news,” the company said of the release.

Designed in a vintage styling, the tee features a play on Ewing’s logo from the late-80’s, “giving you a touch of the former NYC Icon, while looking towards the future with Melo,” says UNDRCRWN.

The tee is available in royal blue with orange accents, and is an online exclusive through