Music industry horror stories aren’t uncommon. Almost every rapper can tell you about their struggles to the top. It is rare, however, to find an artist who went through the nightmares and lived to tell about it, with his career and sanity (mostly) intact. Underground rap legend R.A. The Rugged Man is one of these rare survivors, and his new short film / music video “A Star Is Born” is a fascinating look at everything he’s been through.

“I’m in the studio finishing up my new album,” says R.A., “and before I give people the album, I want them to know my story. This song explains my career so well, and a lot of people don’t know my history.”

The video stars Prince Paul, Andrew Cassese a.k.a. Wormser from “Revenge of the Nerds”, Playboy Model/Actress Rachael Robbins, and introducing R.A.’s little sister Niki Lee as Britney.

“A Star Is Born” is off his long overdue, 2004 debut, Die, Rugged Man, Die, released through Nature Sounds.