Kid Cudi and WaleMonths after their falling out, Wale and Kid Cudi have reconciled, and used Twitter to make it happen.

Their beef first started in September when Cudi took offense to a line Wale spit on a freestyle called “Thank You,” in which the DC rapper referenced Cudi’s infamous fan assault.

Cudi, who hails from Cleveland, called the jab “wack,” and said it was “a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper.”

In an interview with Complex, Cudi offered an even further explanation about their fallout. The Cleveland rapper criticized the D.C. rapper for “acting like he’s bigger than he is,” dissed Wale’s “simple ass rapping,” and claimed that he and Kanye “don’t f*** with” the rapper “musically.”

Despite the harsh words, Cudi reached out to Wale Monday (February 28) on Twitter (@WizardCud and @Wale), tweeting a simple “yooo,” to which Wale responded, “yo.”

An hour passed and apparently, the pair squashed everything, with Cudi later adding: “it’s never too late to make things right.”

Wale chimed in with “we back cuz”, followed by, “GOOD x MMG …of course,” hinting at a collaboration. founder, Elliott Wilson, later confirmed that Wale and Cudi spoke on the phone and made peace.

However, at press time, it’s unclear if they are actually planning to work together. Stay tuned…