Da BratDa Brat is finally a free woman, after serving three years for a 2007 nightclub assault.

The rapper (real name: Shawntae Harris) got a small taste of freedom in 2010, when she popped up in one of Jermaine Dupri’s Youtube vlogs, revealing she was out, for the moment, as part of a work release program.

Brat has completed her three-year term and is home, according to a tweet from J.D. on Monday (February 28).

“Happy day for me and all SO SO DEF fans, Da BRAT is finally home,” Dupri wrote (@LTLline). He has worked with Brat since the release of her 1994 debut, Funkdafied.

At press time, it was unclear how long the female rapper has been free, or her current plans.

Brat, 36, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in late 2007, when she allegedly smashed a bottle of liquor on the head of a waitress at the Studio 72 nightclub in Atlanta.

Nearly a year later, a judge sentenced her to three years in prison. At the time, Brat’s attorney said she was remorseful over what had happened and said she was “willing to accept responsibility.”