Following NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, Waka Flocka Flame stayed in the city, because he had a very important photoshoot … for PETA, which grabbed headlines earlier this month when it was first reported.

Most celebrities who posed for PETA in the past have went fully nude, and Waka did the same, according to The gossip site says Waka “stripped down naked for the PETA cameras, but our cameras were only allowed to capture the G-rated version of the shoot.” On the set of the shoot, they only caught footage of a shirtless Flocka, posing as part of PETA’s campaign, “Ink Not Mink”.

The rapper told the gossip site that the thought of wearing fur or animal skin was “nasty”, and had a love for animals for an early age, because he had a family dog.

When the photos would be released was unknown at press time.