Eminem Surpasses Lady Gaga As Facebook’s Most ‘Liked’ Living Artist

By Allen Starbury  |  02/26/2011

EminemLady Gaga and Eminem are certified superstars in music, but which one would you say is bigger? More famous? And most liked?

If you go by the amount of fans who "like" their pages on Facebook, then it's Eminem, because the Detroit rapper recently overtook Gaga to become the most "liked" living artist on the social network.

Earlier this week, Em surpassed Gaga in fans to claim the title of Facebook's most-liked. At the time of this post, Eminem had reached 29,049,881 fans, while Gaga was at 28,971,489.

Reports said Em is averaging more than 500,000 Facebook "likes" a day, and could soon surpass none other than Michael Jackson to become the site's overall most-liked artist, according to Famecount, a site that tallies the "top social network stars worldwide."

The late King of Pop currently has over 29.1 million Facebook fans, but Em is closing in fast.

Despite his status on Facebook, when it comes to overall social influence, Eminem still trails both Gaga and Justin Bieber in total YouTube views -- though he recently became the third artist to crack the 1-billion-view mark -- and when it comes to total Twitter followers, his 3 million are barely enough to crack Famecount's top 20 musicians, where Gaga is #1, followed by the likes of Bieber, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Rihanna and, uh, Jessica Simpson.

At press time, he's the 19th most followed artist on Twitter, right above Snoop Dogg. On Facebook, Eminem and Gaga are followed by Rihanna and Linkin Park.

Eminem may see a spike in his social influence over the next few weeks, as he appears in Dr. Dre's recently released "I Need a Doctor" video, and made headlines when photos from the set of his upcoming "Space Bound" video — featuring porn star Sasha Grey -- spread virally.