Tech N9ne Details Experience With Lil Wayne & Reaction To The Acknowledgement

By Allen Starbury  |  02/24/2011

Tech N9ne and Lil WayneAlthough independent beast, Tech N9ne, has built a powerhouse over there in Kansas City -- as the result of years of blood, sweat, and tears -- the rapper has seen his stock rise in the last year, in a major way, all because Lil Wayne said he wanted to collaborate with him.

Well, the pair finally met in Miami in recent months, and Weezy made good on that promise, recording a track with Tech for his upcoming Carter IV album, and returning the favor by recording something for Tech.

In a recent story, posted over at, Techa Nina detailed that experience and how it all went down, as well as expressed his gratitude for the look Weezy has given him.

"It was really enjoyable to see [Wayne] like what I do. I went down to Miami at their studio The Hit Factory. I got there late the first night, like at one. They got there at 12. I started writing it around one. Fell asleep at 2:30, left the studio, and said, 'Yo, I've got to come back the next day.' And then we came back the next night and I got to the studio and recorded it before they returned to the studio. So by the time he got to the studio, we already had it recorded with his engineer Mike Banger. So he got to hear it and he really enjoyed it—he listened to it like three times. He saluted me and everything. It was a beautiful feeling man. We did one [song for Tha Carter IV] and he's doing one for my album. I mean, I can't really describe [the song we did], but it's MCing, rapping. Just going. You know how he was doing 'A Milli' and it was just rapping? Boom. That's what we did. We brought our MCs to the table. Rapping, motherf***er. We don't have to have no certain subject, we were just going. I have no idea who produced the track. He didn't even know.

When asked how he felt about when a superstar like Wayne recognized his talent, Tech said:

When Wayne said [I was dope], that let me know that he was a real MC because he recognizes another MC and his ability. And I've heard Wayne be a f***ing MC, I know he is. People talk all that sh** like, 'Ah, he's garbage now.' You've got to listen to that nigga! And he's at a point where he doesn't need anybody. He didn't have to say my name at all or follow through, but he did that sh**. You've never seen me constantly bombarded with television or radio. I don't think he understands how big of a look it is, what this will do for my quest. All the people that ever doubted me, or said I was a devil worshipper, it's like, 'Now, what do you say?' Now you have to accept it. There is no way around skill."