Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning For Next ‘Terminator’ Film?

By Jay Casteel  |  02/18/2011

TerminatorWith Arnold Schwarzenegger out of California's Govenor's office, the actor-turned-politician revealed in a tweet (@Schwarzenegger) last week that he's interested in resuming his movie career after seven years.

So with Arnie back in the mix, talks of a fifth film in the Terminator franchise has picked up steam.

According to a report from, interest has kicked back up for a new film with Universal, who may enlist director Justin Lin to helm the project. Lin previously director the last three installments of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

"I've heard that the plan would be to possibly pair him with Chris Morgan," said the website.

Apparently, the franchise was acquired in bankruptcy court last February by Santa Monica-based hedge fund Pacificor for $29.5 million. But, talk about further movies were previously dead due to the bankruptcy and the subpar results from Terminator Salvation.

However, before the bankruptcy happened, the storyline was expected to continue from Salvation. Right around the time the bankruptcy was settled, Deadline also reported that William Wisher -- James Cameron's collaborator on Terminator 2 -- wrote a 24-page treatment for the next film and a four-page concept outline for a sixth Terminator film, which continued the post-apocalyptic battleground scenario from Salvation, but added in the element of time travel.

At press time, there was no official word. Stay tuned...